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One Life to Live (OLTL) is set in Llanview, Pennsylvania, a fictitious suburb of Philadelphia.

It became a sister-soap to General Hospital in 1968 and created by Agnes Nixon.  Nixon would later create All My Children for ABC in 1970. It would become one of the few soap operas that would withstand the contractions of soaps in the 1960s-1990s.

After 43 years on television, ABC announced that OLTL would be cancelled in early 2012.  The last episode aired on January 13, 2012.  Prospect Park acquired a license for OLTL and AMC for a potential November 2011 relaunch on their new The Online Network. Prospect Park couldn't get deals done with the three major unions, so a possible re-boot was put on hold.

In January 2013, news appeared that Prospect Park striked deals with the unions and completed the financing process.  On January 22, Prospect Park released an initial listing of castmembers who have signed on for the reboot.

Show Information:Edit

  • Debut on ABC: July 15, 1968
  • Ends on ABC: January 13, 2012
  • Debut on Prospect Park: 2013
  • Status: Upcoming Reboot
  • Creators: Agnes Nixon
  • Producing Team: Frank Valentini (Execentive Producer), Suzanne Flynn, John Tumino, Shelley Honigbaum & Jacqueline Van Belle
  • Directing Team: Jill Ackles, Mary Ryan, Larry Carpenter, Danielle Faraldo, Bruce S. Cooperman, Tracy Casper Lang, Richard Manfredi, Jill Mitwell, Gary Donatelli, Howie Zeidman, Paul Glass, Teresa Anne Cicala & Alan Needleman
  • Head Writer: Ron Carlivati
  • Creative Consultant: Brian Frons
  • Other Writers: Chris Van Etten, Anna Cascio, Shelly Altman, Janet Iacobuzio, Frederick Johnson, Gary Tomlin, Elizabeth Page, Jeanne Marie Ford, Aida Croal, Tamiko Brooks, Carolyn Culliton, Michelle Poteet Lisanti, Frances Myers & Katherine Schock
  • Casting Director: Julie Ann Madison

Prospect Park's OLTL:Edit

Reboot Return (as of Jan 22, 2013)Edit

The cast is believed to have been with the show up until ABC finale of OLTL.

This cast list is based on Prospect Park's Cast List Announcement -

  • Melissa Archer - Natalie Buchanan (2001-2012 on ABC's OLTL)
  • Kassie DePaiva - Blair Cramer (1993-2012 on ABC's GH, March-December 2012 on GH)
  • Josh Kelly - Cutter Wentworth (2010-2012 on ABC's OLTL)
  • Florencia Lozano - Tea Delgado (1997-2000, 2002 & 2008-2012 on ABC's OLTL, May-December 2012 on GH)
  • Kelley Missal - Danielle "Dani" Manning (2009-2012 on ABC's OLTL)
  • Erika Slezak - Victoria "Viki" Lord (1971-2012 on ABC's OLTL)
  • Hillary B. Smith - Nora Hanen Buchanan (1992-2012 on ABC's OLTL)
  • Andrew Trischitta - John "Jack" Manning (2011-2012 on ABC's OLTL)
  • Jerry ver Dorn - Clinton "Clint" Buchanan (2005-2012 on ABC's OLTL)
  • Robert S. Woods - Beaufort "Bo" Buchanan (1979-1986 & 1988-present)
  • Sean Ringgold - Shaun Evans (2006-present), was on contract with ABC, but is stated as a recurring character on reboot
  • Nick Choksi - Vimal Patel (2010-present), stated as a recurring character on reboot
  • Shenaz Tresury - Rama Patel (2011-present), stated as a recurring character on reboot

2012 Characters to GH, that they may do a brief stint on new OLTLEdit

However, ABC has the contracts on them

ABC's OLTL Cast:Edit


This list covers contract and recurring characters that their signing as castmembers for the Prospect Park's reboot have not been announced yet.


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